Frequently asked questions


1.) Is Worldstrong Athletics a charity or non-profit? Worldstrong Athletics is neither a charity or non-profit. Although we do donate generous portion, we are still a for-profit company. 2.) What is the mission of WA and what is Pro WRLD To learn more about the mission of WA and what Pro WRLD is click this link. 3.) How do I contact WA? You can contact us by clicking this page. Or you can reach out to us through Facebook messenger or Twitter.


1.) Where do I perform PRO WRLD? You can perform PRO WRLD anywhere you'd like. Outdoors or indoors. Your creativity has no limit. 2.) Can I perform PRO WRLD with friends? Yes you can. You may do it with any number of people. Family, friend(s), work etc. 3.) Is there a start and end date for the PRO WRLD challenges? We have new PRO WRLD challenges at the beginning of every month and will last the entire month. So you may begin your selected challenge at anytime during the month. 4.) Is there an age limit? No age limit. All is welcome! However, everyone will be responsible for their own actions, rather it's an injury or snything unlawful. 5.) Do I need to be an experienced athlete to participate? Not at all. We encourage all individuals, no matter their status. You will help armor and rep the world. 6.) How will people be able to see my participation? People will witness your difference-making, inspiration through Facebook and Instagram. 7.) Do I have to be from the USA to perfrom PRO WRLD? Anyone around the world can perform PRO WRLD. 8.) How does PRO WRLD benefit the world? PRO WRLD gives you the opportunity to donate and raise awareness around the world through your fitness action. It also offers the chance to increase the net profit donation as more people participate over-time. Last, it will even unlock a new charity to support.


1.) How much does WA donate through PRO WRLD? WA donates 3% of their net profit to 2 major causes.The first cause is Oceana (ocean pollution) and the second cause is One Tree Planted (deforestation). The rest of the profit goes towards the construction of building more innovating activewear, while also discovering more new ways to support our planet. 2.) Who does WA donate to? WA supports 2 major causes to help build a brighter future to live forward to, with the capability of unlocking a 4th new charity to support. We currnetly support: - Ocean Conservancy (end water pollution) - Rainforest Trust (end deforestation) 3.) How do I know WA is donating for sure? Trust is the priority. Unlike some other apparel charities, the mission is to be as transparent as possible with the information provided above and throughout the website. We are partnered with One Tree Planted and we will announce to the public when the final donation is made. In addition, there is a public signed promise by the Founder of Worldstrong Athletics on this page that the donation will be made. 4.) How does WA keep track of donation? WA donates 3% of every purchase, plus an addition 3% when people fitness train througb PRO WRLD. For PRO WRLD, we keep track of the number of purchases and compare it to the number of PRO WRLD Facebook/Instagram post. From there, we do the math and activate the donation. For example - if 100 purchases were made and only 50 people participated in PRO WRLD, then we subtract 50 from the 100 purchases, donating 3% of the 50 purchases. Another example is, if 100 purchases were made and 200 people participated PRO WRLD, we will still donate 3% of the 100 purchases made. Last, if 0 purchases were made and 100 people participated PRO WRLD, then no donation will be made, since the rule is to perform PRO WRLD in Worldstrong activewear. We keep track who particpates through the unique hashtag privided for each challenge.


There will be times where we may select an individual from Pro WRLD to become a sponsored athlete. But there is no application to be one. If we so sponsor an athlete, we look for the ability to be creative, unique, confident and not afraid of change, regardless of the age, race, size, color etc. Being a positive influence to the world is the goal.