Worldstrong Athletics (WA) is a new activewear brand providing high-tech fabric features. What makes us different is our mission to build both a better you and better planet. Every order gives back 5% of the profit to your selected choice between non profit organizations, Sea Shepherd or One Tree Planted. Shipping from Rochester, NY, we eco package the orders and provide free eco wash bags to help save our oceans. As the brand continues to grow, Worldstrong will continue to find more impactful ways to further the best in you and the planet.



16k+ years of plastic life prevented from entering the oceans


Pro////wrld is created by Worldstrong Athletics. It is an on demand fitness class app soon to be available on Apple and Fitbit. The app will provide many features to help those trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle more enjoyable and efficient. This will be the only app that will be able to enable your fitness training to make a positive difference for the planet. The more active the user is, the more support the planet can be given. To learn more, click here.