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Worldstrong Athletics (WA) is a clothing brand providing high performance activewear. Every order gives back 3% of the activewear profit to your selected choice of different environmental charities. We eco package the orders and include it with a free eco wash bag to help save our oceans.


PRO WRLD fit is the workout app created by WA. This app is designed for those who appreciate the outdoors and are looking to live healthier, stronger and happier. To efficiently achieve this goal, the app provides all the fitness tools from a single platform. In addition, eco-points will be rewarded for using the fitness tools. Eco-points can be used to either cleanup ocean waste or reforest each month. Hence, the concept of the app being, stronger you, stronger planet.

Depending on the amount of eco-points used for an environmental cause determines the amount of profit PRO WRLD fit donates each month. A small example of this could be, a subscriber earns 300 eco-points and chooses to use it to remove 3lbs of ocean waste. At the end of the month, PRO WRLD fit will use a portion of the profit to donate to remove 3lbs of ocean waste. The max number of eco-points that can be earned each month is 300. 300 eco-points can be used to either reforest 3 trees (through organization One Tree Planted) or cleanup 3lbs of ocean waste (through organization #TeamSeas). If the subscriber does not earn enough eco-points, then it will rollover to the following month.


Keeping Our Promise - PRO WRLD FIT donations will occur through the fitness points earned by subscribers.