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Please select below which profile feature you need assistance with.

  • Monthly Badges
    There are 3 types of Monthly Badges. The badges are ranked from lowest to highest ( bronze, silver to gold). Monthly badges can be earned by participating in a monthly challenge. Depending on how you perform will determine what type of badge you earn, which will then be displayed on your profile.
  • Points
    You can earn fitness points from some of the health and fitness actions you take on the app, such as performing a workout class or going for an outdoor run. Every action is worth a certain amount of fitness points and a minimum of 300pts must be reached in order to donate them to your choice of either reforesting (3 trees) or cleaning up (3lbs of) ocean waste, that particular month. This opportunity is provided each month. Shown below, the number of reforested trees and pounds of cleaned up ocean waste will automatically be totaled overtime for you to look back at. - Points can be earned once per day from: Workout Classes (5pts) Outdoor Run (10pts) Fit Games (2pts) Food Log (3pts) Water Log (3pts) Doing this once per day for an entire month (30 days), totals to 690pts. - Monthly Challenge is worth 20pts. This can be performed only once per month. 690pts + 20pts = 710pts for the entire month - Group Challenge can be performed as much as the app user would like. Winner of the Group Challenge collects 5pts. - If 300pts is donated out of the earned 710pts, the remaining 410pts (710-300=410) will rollover to the next month. If less than 300pts is earned, those points will still rollover to next month.
  • Donation
    When clicking on, Donation, you can choose between reforesting 3 trees, removing 3lbs of ocean waste or a $5 discount. But 300pts much be achieved in order to do so. Points are able to rollover to the next month. Our donations will go to organizations, One Tree Planted and TeamSeas, depending on your selected choice.
  • My Goals
    My Goals, is an easy way to organize your goals. If your goals ever change, you can edit them anytime with just a click of a button!
  • Saved Classes & Calendar
    You can choose between saving a workout class or scheduling a workout class, depending on which you find most convenient. This was you can keep track of your upcoming workout classes.
  • My Challenges
    When you join a group challenge (from social category), you can easily access it from your profile page by just clicking on it.
  • Upload Photo
    On your profile, you can upload a before and after photo to see the difference you have accomplished. Images must be in JPG format.
  • Achievements
    Achievements display the health and fitness actions you've accomplished on the app. Rather its logging water, food, completing a workout class etc., it shows you your history of achievements.
  • Badges
    Additional badges can be earned overtime. For example, if you've completed 10 classes, you will receive a badge for achieving that milestone. Or if you've reached 25 miles from outdoor running overtime, you will also receive a badge for that. The rewards go on and on, so you can feel good about your grind!
  • Activewear
    - Is there an end to the free activewear special? The free activewear special is temporary and stock will be limited. This special will begin during the PRO WRLD fit app launch (launch date TBD). You can pre-subscribe now to the PRO WRLD fit app to not miss out. - How do I get free activewear? Those enrolled to one of the PRO WRLD fit paid subscription plans will be eligible to receive free activewear. The all-in-one fitness app will feature on-demand workout classes by Certified Trainers. It will also provide all the important tools for you to reach your health & fitness goals more efficiently. The app will include a free 3 day trial. You can view the app features here. - Can I get free activewear during the free 3 day trial? No. You can only get free activewear once your paid subscription plan begins. The 3 subscription plans are: - Monthly Plan ($15 billed once per mo) - 6 Month Plan ($72 billed once every 6mo) / Saving $36 per year compared to monthly plan - 12 Month Plan ($96 billed once every year) / Saving $84 per year compared to monthly plan - Can I cancel the PRO WRLD fit subscription plan? Yes, you can cancel anytime. - How much free activewear can I get? You can choose 2 free pieces of activewear during the app launch. Shipping is not included. However, there is a free 10 day return policy ​ - What is Worldstrong and PRO WRLD fit? Worldstrong is the activewear brand and are the makers of PRO WRLD fit (workout) app.
  • How do I connect the workout video to my tv?
    At the top right corner of the app workout video, you'll see the AirPlay button. Click on that button, then click on the TV name you'd like to connect it to. From there, the workout video will be displayed on your TV. If your TV does not offer AirPlay, this option will not work.
  • How do I cancel my billing subscription?
    You can cancel you subscription anytime. To do so on your iPhone or iPad, go to, Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions > Then select the PRO WRLD fit app to cancel. Cancel the subscription at least a day before the renewal date because the plan automatically renews until canceled. Note: You will not be charged if you cancel during your free 3 day app trial. If you have any further questions in regards to app billing, please contact Apple at the link below since they are responsible for the billing, invoices etc. After clicking on the link, be sure to click on, Billing & Subscriptions, under Apps & Services category. Apple Support: *Apple is responsible for all iOS billing app support because it is held on their platform.*
  • Why is it showing network error during the signup process?
    If it is showing network error, specifically during the signup process, it could be because you are signing up with a pre-existing email. We suggest you to signup with a new email in order to avoid network error. If the problem continues to persist, please email us at
  • Why does the app keep shutting down after I attempt to perform an action?
    If the app is shutting down after performing an action, we recommend you exiting the app and restarting the phone. If this problem continues to persist after performing the action please email
  • How is the macro calculation determined?
    The protein range is calculated based on the guidelines set by the American Dietetic Association (ADA), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization. The carbohydrate range is based on the guidelines and joint recommendations of The Institute of Medicine, The Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization. The app will demonstrate the daily nutrition intake and the monthly for you to easily view your progress. The Mifflin-St Jeor formula is one of the most popular and respected macro formulas used to calculate your Resting Energy Expenditure (REE). Your REE is the energy it takes to run your body without movement. Also utilizing the movement expenditure or TDEE formula.










300 points must be achieved in order for it to be transferred to the user’s choice of either receiving a $5 store gift card, having 3 pounds of ocean trash removed or reforesting 3 trees. If the user achieves less than 300 points, those points will simply roll over to next month. If more than 300 points are met, only 300 can be transferred. The leftover points will rollover to next month. In conclusion, 300 points is the only amount that can be transferred each month. Users must be under a paid plan for this feature to be unlocked.

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