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Side Lunge



Rather you're on the go, looking to add some extra fun to the workout or maybe you just wanna quickly make-up for that cheat meal you had (shh secret is safe with us), quick fit game is right for you! What you should expect after pressing the play button is a quick high intensity workout. But the challenge doesn't stop there. You must workout to the beat of the music with the Trainer! So rather the beat is slow or fast, you must follow it, no matter the burn. Get ready to spike that metabolism and feel the intensity!


1. How many points are Quick Fits worth?
Quick Fit Games are worth 2pts and can only be earned when competing the entire workout.

2. What do you do with the points?
Points can be used to donate to support the 

3. Can I earn as many points as I want in a single day?
max of 2pts can be earned per day. Staying consistent with the workouts will allow you to accumulate points.

4. How do I connect the app workout video to my TV?
At the top right corner of the app workout video, you'll see the AirPlay button. Click on that button, then click on the TV name you'd like to connect it to. From there, the workout video will be displayed on your TV. If your TV does not offer AirPlay, this option will not work.
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