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Jogging with Music



1. How many points are Outdoor Runs worth?
Outdoor Runs are worth 10pts and they can only be earned when running 5 minutes a or longer.

2. What do you do with the points?
Points can be used to donate to support the 

3. Can I earn as many points as I want from Outdoor Runs in a single day?
max of 10pts can be earned per day. Staying consistent with the workouts will allow you to accumulate points.

4. Does running add to the calorie-burn average on the calendar?
Yes it does in addition to the workout classes.

5. Why are my run measurements suddenly not accurate?
Shown in the GIF below, please make sure your iPhones Health app is connected to the PRO WRLD fit app by turning it on. If it is already connected and it's still not being accurate, you will have to turn off the connection of other apps that is using your iPhones Health app, as it can sometimes interfere with the accuracy.

6. Why is my run path not accurate?
Make sure the background refresh is on in your iphone. To do so go to settings > general > background app refresh > look for PRO WRLD fit app and toggle to green. Please keep in mind this cannot be done if the iPhone is on low battery mode. 

Additionally, allow the PRO WRLD fit app to always use your location. To do so go to settings > look for the PRO WRLD fit app as you scroll down > click on it > click locations > click always > toggle precise location to green.
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