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Description: If you're looking for a more comfortable wear for your fitness activity, then grab yourself these soft and lightweight sports bra with it's seamless design. Featured with ribbed textured fit and sweat-wicking performance to give you what you need to focus on your training. Add the seamless ribbed biker shorts to complete the look.


Environmental Impact:  According to UN Environment Programme, wherever whales are found, so are phytoplankton. phytoplankton are tiny creatures that produce every second breath we take, by contributing to at least 50 percent of all the oxygen in our atmosphere. Whales capture about 33 tonnes of carbon dioxide on average. Whale poop has a multiplier effect on phytoplankton as it contains iron and nitrogen, the elements phytoplankton need to grow; so, the more whales, the more oxygen. Safe to say, the whales and phytoplanktons are the dream team of nature. Unfortanely, an estiamted 16,000 whales are murded each year. To support, we are giving 5% profit of every order of this product to Save The Whales.


Discount: If you are buying the whole set (sports bra & biker shorts), take $10 off your order using code 10SET

Women's Seamless Ribbed Sports Bra - 33 Comfort

34,00$ Precio
0,00$Precio de oferta
    • 4-way stretch
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Sweat-wicking
    • Snug compression fit, providing support for a variety of training activities
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