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Training with Fit Ball



Get ready to workout with our awesome Trainers on-demand. They will push you to finish strong. Our workout videos even provide positive graphics so you can stay motivated throughout the grind. When you complete the class, it will display what your max bpm was and the total calories you've burned. That way you'll know how hard you've pushed yourself from a particular workout.


1. How many points are workout classes worth?
Workout classes are worth 5pts and they can only be earned when completing the entire class.

2. What do you do with the points?
Points can be used to donate to support the 

3. Can I earn as many points as I want from workout classes in a single day?
max of 5pts can be earned per day. Staying consistent with the workouts will allow you to accumulate points.

4. Are new workout classes added daily?
New workout classes are added on an average of 2-4x per month! And All the classes will stay on the app so you can repeat your favorite workouts.

5. Do workout classes require equipment?
Its beneficial to switch up the resistance in order to keep the body progressing, which is why some workout classes involve dumbbells, bands or your bodyweight.

6. How is the average calorie-burn calculated on the calendar
The average calorie-burn is provided by the app tracking how many calories you actually burn from each class and then dividing them by the number of classes taken. For example, if an app user has taken 3 classes, burning 100 calories in class one, 150 calories in class two and 200 calories in class three, the app would add them together, totaling to 450 calories. Then dividing 450 by 3 (classes taken), equaling and average of 150 calories burned in each class.

7. Why do some classes have the option to add to the calendars while others don't?
The classes that provide the option to add to the calendar are the ones that are not currently scheduled in your calendar. And the classes that currently don't provide the option to add to the calendar are the ones that are already scheduled in the calendar.

8. How do I connect the app workout video to my TV?
At the top right corner of the app workout video, you'll see the AirPlay button. Click on that button, then click on the TV name you'd like to connect it to.

Another way of going about it is opening up the video screen and pressing the airplay icon at the bottom left screen, shown below. Then select the TV you want to connect to. From there, the workout video will be displayed. If your TV does not offer AirPlay, this option will not work.
Step 1.PNG
Step 2.PNG
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