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One of the major key ways to build a stronger body is to continue switching up your style of training. With different styles of weekly training programs to classes challenges and even quick fit games, you’ll build a more dynamic body for everyday life. Improve your physical fitness more efficiently as each trainer will demonstrate a variety of exercises to help better your mind and body's best .

$29 USD Monthly
$120 USD Yearly/ Save Over $200)
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No matter which on-demand exercise program you choose to begin with, each one will be properly instructed by the trainer for you to confidently learn. Programs include a ready-to-print workout log for you to easily keep track of both your exercise progress and body measurements. You'll have the option to signup for free weekly emails that'll share short nutrition facts and motivation to keep you on top of your game. A Google calendar will be connected to the site for your convenience to swiftly organize your workout schedule. Rather you signup for the monthly or yearly member plan, you'll have exclusive access to all exercises programs and tips. Members will be able to use a storewide 10% discount provided by the trainers. Additionally, fitness classes will soon be available and will be added regularly to keep you moving forward. If for some reason the plan is not what you hoped for, no need to worry, as you'll be able cancel anytime with no fee. Get started on the experience today towards a healthier, more inspired lifestyle. All you'll need is your bodyweight and a set of dumbbells.

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If you're constantly on the go, you can save a lot of time with the convenience of on demand exercise programs provided by Worldstrong. 

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Comfortably learn at your own pace and be in charge of what days you want to workout.  

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While being a member, Worldstrong gives back on these particular months:


Jan, April, July, Oct - Ocean Charity

Feb, May, Aug, Nov - Forest Charity

Mar, June, Sep, Dec - Air Charity

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When you reach the finish line of the program, you're given the option to use the provided, Before & After Fitness Template to share on instagram. When doing so, you can win prizes, such as free gear! Just tag @WorldstrongAthletics.