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PRO WRLD fit App: How Donations Are Organized

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Get fit, have fun and make a real difference for yourself and the planet! Read below how the PRO WRLD fit app organizes its charity givings through your fitness.

1. Earn Fitness Points

PRO WRLD fit will be the first app to support the planet through fitness. With its versatility, you'll be able to earn points through a variety of activities. This would include going for a run, tracking your food/water intake, burning a certain amount of calories, being socially fit, learning new recipes and even performing on-demand workout classes!

2. Purpose Of Fitness Points

What do these points do exactly? Points earned demonstrate your fitness level. For example, if you've earned 500 points from your overall fitness activities, you'd be at level 500. In addition, your 500 points can be transferred to an environmental donation. It's important to keep in mind that if 500 points is not met, you will not have the ability to transfer them to an environmental donation. However, those points would rollover to the next month. Overall, motivating you to build a stronger body and stronger planet.

3. Power Of Choice

Let's say you've done a killer job at being consistent with your fitness activities. As a result, you've reached 500 points. Woohoo! At this time, you'd be able to transfer your points to your choice of either having 3 trees planted, 3lbs of ocean trash removed or receiving discounted activewear that would still give back to an environmental charity. Every month you're given the chance to achieve this rewarding task.

4. Counting The Real Differences Made

Each time you select to either reforest 3 trees or remove 3lbs of ocean trash from the fitness points you've earned, the app will automatically add up the total count. This way you can look back at all of the real differences you've made. Rather its removing a total of 100lbs of ocean trash or reforesting 100 trees, you're making fitness more impactful for you and Earth.

Non-Profit Organizations

This might lead you to wonder - who will be the ones performing the environmental action of reforesting and cleaning up the ocean?

In the app, if you select the option to, Reforest 3 Trees, the app will donate to organization, One Tree Planted, who have planted over 40 million trees and counting! If you select the option to remove 3 pounds of ocean trash, the app will donate to non profit organization, Greater Good Charities, who are partnered with, Free The Ocean and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

These non-profit organizations are approved and highly ranked by Charity Navigator. This way, you and many others can workout with the upmost confidence knowing the support it's giving our planet.


Pre-subscribe to the PRO WRLD fit today to receive a free 3 day trial, along with free activewear when the the app is launched.

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