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Get More Out Of Your Workout Classes

Looking to get the most out of your workout classes? If you've hit a wall with your fitness goal, or would simply like to give your workout routine a boost, consider following the 5 tips below to get the most out of your classes.

Recommended Tips For Fitness level: Advanced


1. Lift heavier

Alright, alright, maybe we're being a bit dramatic with what the GIF shows. What we really mean is, whichever class your taking, challenge you muscles with more weights than you'd typically do. For example, if you've been performing bicep curls with 10lb weights for a long while, we suggest you upping the weights to 15lbs, and there on. Doing this will allow your muscles to stay challenged through the heavier resistance, allowing more muscle strength to kick-in over time. However, we only recommend doing this if the 10lb weights are becoming much less of a challenge. You can apply this method to other weight lifting workouts as well.

2. Back to back classes

So you've completed one class and you think you don't need to repeat it again huh? Wrong! Just like how some people may perform 3 sets of a particular exercise, this optional method can also be applied to the entire workout class as well (depending on your fitness level). This practice is common, but only if you're at the fitness level (advanced) to do so.

3. Exerting yourself w/ more repetitions & different tempo

Another way to get more out of your workout class is performing more repetitions. For example, if the trainer is doing 12 reps of a particular exercises for you to follow, you can up the tempo (speed of exercise motion) to perform more reps, as long as you maintain proper form. For instance, you can attempt to complete 15 reps of bodyweight squats by the time the trainer completes 12 reps of bodyweight squats. Doing this will activate more of your fast twitch muscle fibers, which is another beneficial way to challenge your body. This is only recommended if the exercise(s) becomes easy and if you can maintain proper form.

4. Inserting isometric

Isometric exercise is any type of exercise that holds the body in one position. The muscles are contracted but do not change length as you hold the position. That constant tension on the muscle can help improve muscle endurance. An idea to incorporate this method during a workout class is, if a trainer is performing push-ups, you can choose to go a slightly different route by holding the push-up position half way down instead to experience a different type of resistance.

5. Switch up your routine

If you’ve been performing the same fitness routine for months, it’s time to change up the game plan. Try new classes or repeat the classes in a different order, such as, performing classes from first to last, C, B & A, instead of A, B, C.


If you feel you've master the classes, you can bump it up to another level by applying one (or all) of these tips. Challenging the mind and body in new ways can make the journey more rewarding. But please be cautious on your health and workout performance when doing so. We wish your fitness journey the best!


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