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Fitness at Home


Below is a plan to go about for your 1 day weekly routine.



Day 1: Full Body (HIIT, Tabata, Dumbbells, etc.)

Plan A involves taking a class that works the entire body. The reason a full body workout is recommended is because the individual is working out once per week. With less time to workout, it is more important to exercise all muscles to keep a well balanced body.



Choose any day and time to workout your full body by picking a class on the PRO WRLD fit App. To do so, open up the app > click, Train > click classes > click the filter icon at top right corner > click body target > click full body > click apply filter. From there, you will see all the full body workout classes displayed for you to preferably choose from. There will be a variety of class types, such as HIIT, calisthenics, kickboxing, functional, circuit training and more! That way you can always find new ways to spice up your workout routine. If you want to perform a specific class type, such as HIIT, you can go back to the filter page and click, Class Type, instead of Body Target.


It is recommended to use the Macro Tracker, Water Logging feature, along with Outdoor Run, to get the most out of your fitness journey.

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