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Tropical Fruits



The food logging page allows you to keep track of your calories, protein, carbs and fats. You'll be able to manually add foods or scan foods for nutrition facts. In addition, you can organize your food consumptions by adding to to breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages. A weekly macro intake will be displayed, along with the percentage of your calorie goal.


1. How many points is food logging worth?
Food logging is worth 3pts and can only be earned when competing the entire workout.

2. What do you do with the points?
Points can be used to donate to support the 

3. Can I earn as many points as I want in a single day?
max of 3pts can be earned per day. Staying consistent with the food logging will allow you to accumulate points.

4. Can I remove the foods that has been logged in case I accidentally added too much?
Yes you can. To do so, pressing the meal tab you added you food to (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack beverage). Then press the day tab (Monday, Tuesday etc.). Last click on the food you added and press the trash can symbol to delete.
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