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Below is a plan to go about for your 2 day weekly routine.



Day 1: Upper Body

Day 2: Lower Body

Plan A involves working out both the upper and lower body on seperate days. For example, an upper body class can be performed on Monday, while the lower body class can be performed on Friday. Or it can be performed back to back, such as upper body on Monday and lower body on Tuesday. This way, you've targeted all the muscles throughout the week without neglecting any.


Choose any 2 days to workout your upper and lower body through the PRO WRLD fit App. To do so, open up the app > click, Train > click classes > click the filter icon at top right corner > click body target > click upper body > click apply filter. From there, you will see all the upper body workout classes displayed for you to preferably choose from. On lower body day, perform the same directions, filtering, legs, instead of, upper body.


It is recommended to use the