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We are a fast growing activewear brand and what makes us different from most is our goal towards building a better you and better planet at the same time. We are currently recruiting Brand Ambassador who are ready to reach their best. If you want to join our supporting team, and turn your passion into purpose, simply apply at the bottom of the page. We are confident, you'll receive the most quality benefits an Ambassador program can offer. Read below and get ready light up your training for a brighter future!

  1. Custom 25% coupon code for your friends and family

  2. Earn 10-15% commission for each person who uses your coupon code

  3. Adjust coupon code discount percent anytime to change the amount of your commission you'd like to receive

  4. Earn bonus more money for every referral who becomes an Ambassador

  5. Fast secure commission payments through Paypal and Venmo

  6. Track every sale through your own own dashboard

  7. Lifetime 50% off activewear (including new releases)

  8. We send free (sometimes paid) offers involving exercise videos and fitness blogs to be made for you for free (after approval)

  9. Be the first to see the new products in the making (and sometimes share your votes on what is liked or dislike before they are officially released).

  10. Private health & fitness community page for Brand Ambassadors only

  11. Every item supports a different Earth charity the customer chooses ​


Added Bonus

As an added bonus, when Worldstrong Athletics (WA) reaches it's goal of 50,000 total store orders, five of the top Brand Ambassador who have the most orders sold under their name will be rewarded a vacation. On top of that, the five Brand Ambassadors will be part of the photoshoot announcement of the new charity Worldstrong Athletics will support. As you can see, we don't want to make you just a Brand Ambassador, we want to reward you as one. The more we grow, the more benefits will be added, along with a bigger difference that will be made for our planet. So what are you waiting for? Get started by applying before spots fill up!

Apply Brand Ambassador

Important: Double check for any typos. Use an email address you check regularly so you can be given the benefits and instructions.

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