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Stretching Before a Run


When pre-subscribing to the PRO WRLD fit app, you'll be part of the free activewear special by Worldstrong Athletics. Read below the FAQ for more information and signup.

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Staying Hydrated


1. Is there an end to the free activewear special?

The free activewear special is temporary and stock will be limited. This special will begin during the PRO WRLD fit app launch (launch date TBD). You can pre-subscribe now to the PRO WRLD fit app to not miss out.


2. How do I get free activewear?

Those enrolled to one of the PRO WRLD fit paid subscription plans will be eligible to receive free activewear. The all-in-one fitness app will feature on-demand workout classes by Certified Trainers. It will also  provide all the important tools for you to reach your health & fitness goals more efficiently. The app will include a free 3 day trial. You can view the app features here.


3. Can I get free activewear during the free 3 day trial?

No. You can only get free activewear once your paid subscription plan begins. The 3 subscription plans are:

- Monthly Plan ($15 billed once per mo)

- 6 Month Plan ($72 billed once every 6mo) / Saving $36 per year compared to monthly plan

- 12 Month Plan ($96 billed once every year) / Saving $84 per year compared to monthly plan


4. Can I cancel the PRO WRLD fit subscription plan?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.


5. How much free activewear can I get?

You can choose 2 free pieces of activewear during the app launch. Shipping is not included. However, there is a free 10 day return policy

6. What is Worldstrong and PRO WRLD fit?

Worldstrong is the activewear brand and are the makers of PRO WRLD fit (workout) app. 

For more FAQ click here.