1.) Beginning on the Dashboard Page, you can view your stats in how many people clicked your link, the number of people who converted (purchased), earned and paid. You'll be able to select a specific date to see your preferred results (clicks/conversions/commissions). Geo distribution shows the area your clicks and conversions come from so you know where to target most.

2.) On the Reporting Page, you can see the larger, more detailed view of the statistics from the Dashboard Page. In the dropdown clicks button, you'll see "MLM." This is short for multi level marketing. The feature is currently disabled. We only have one program and that is the Ambassador Program. If you click Program, you'll see the stats for that program.

3.) Assets Page is where you will see your personal referral link and 20% coupon code for your friends and followers.

4.) On the Conversions Page, you'll be able to see the total amount of products purchased under you link/code and the commission from it.

5.) If you think the Ambassador Link Tracking is useful enough, wait to to hear about the Sources Page! Sources allows you to determine where most of your traffic is coming from. Rather it's from you Facebook Page, Instgram Page etc. Click here to learn the complete details about it.

6.) Payouts Page displays the dates and amount you've been paid.

7.) If you click on your profile picture on the bottom left and click Payout Methods, it will bring you to this page, where you can update where you want to get paid through (Venmo or Paypal).

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