1.) When an order is made under your 25% discount code, it will automatically appear in you Hompage Dashboard tab. You will also receive an email notification that an order had been made. As you'll see, the number of visitors, purchases, earnings and conversion. Conversion is the number of visitors divided by the number purchases. 2 image examples shown below.

2.) On your Profile page, please connect your PayPal in order to receive payments. To get notified about your orders, check the first box next to, "Notification Emails." To get paid, $5 or more must be accumulated.

3.) On your Info Page, you will see your 25% discount code. You earn 10% commission. for each order, but can be moved up to 15% commission if more than 15 orders are made within the first 28 days of the month. Information about the benefits you receive, policy, requirements and tips are all on this page.

4.) On your Orders Page, you will see the orders made with your coupon code. As for the rest of the pages, they are straight forward. The, Payments Page is where you can see the payments made to you. The FAQ page is where you can find support, viewing frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, email us anytime!

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