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Get Healthy, Get Paid &

Get Free Activewear.

Waves on the Rocks

Ambassador Benefits

Earn cash:

Free activewear:

2pc's of free activewear is shipped to you on your 4th day of becoming a PRO WRLD fit subscriber. People who who signup under your name also get's 2pc's of free activewear.

Note: Shipping cost not included.

Earn $20 per user when:

They signup for a 1 year plan.


Earn $10 per user when:
They signup for the 6 month plan.


Earn $5 per user when:
They signup for a monthly plan.

The more users under your name, the bigger bigger difference that can be made towards saving ocean and forest life.

Impact for earth

3 easy steps

1. Input with your email below.

2. After inputting your email, you'll be directed to a page to download the PRO WRLD fit app.

3. Sign up to become a PRO WRLD fit subscriber (using the same email as step 1). You can choose to become a monthly, semi annual or annual subscriber.

When the action begins

- On your 4th day of becoming a subscriber, you will receive an email providing you a promo code to select 2pc's of free activewear to be shipped to you.

- At this point you may share the app link to anyone you'd like for them download.

- When people signup from the link that you've shared, they will receive an email on their 4th day, requesting them to select the ambassador name they've signed under. A promo code will be provided for them to receive 2pc's of free activewear once they complete the step of selecting an ambassador name.

- Each time an ambassador name is selected, the ambassador him or herself will be notified about it.

- Ambassadors are paid via PayPal or Venmo at the end of each month but must meet a threshold of $10 USD

1 rule

In order for Ambassadors to receive 2pc's of free activewear, they must be subscribed to the app. For compensation to continue re-occur, the ambassador must be a continued subscriber.

The reason for this is because it's a way for ambassadors to be more familiar and updated with the app when sharing it. Additionally, an Ambassador being a user of the app sets a good healthy example for their potential signups.

Workout Break

Only accepting 100 Ambassadors. Sign-up today!

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