Color Vote Off! 
Please Read: To begin, type your email so we can verify that you are one of our Ambassadors. We ask for gender, for more accurate decisions to be made for both men's and women's activewear. Don't press the submit button until each style has been voted for. We hope you enjoy sharing your choices in color and we thank you for your time!
1. Men's Shorts
1. Color:
2. Men's Shirt
2. Color:
3. Women's Shorts
3. Color:
4. Women's Top
4. Color:
5. Women's Sports Bra
5. Color:
Woohoo! You made it to the end and we couldn't thank you enough. Please understand that a color you have voted for, may not be selected, as we go with the highest votes and the color options our warehouse partner has avialble. Would you like to do something like this again in the future with our new releases?
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