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1.) As an ambassador, you'll automatically have 30% off all orders.

2.) You'll have a custom 20% discount code for your friends and family to use.

3.) You'll earn 10-15% commission each time someone uses your discount code.

4.) Secure commission payments are sent through Paypal or Venmo.

5.) Track every sale through your own dashboard.

6.) Be the first to see the new products in the making and even share your votes on the styles before they are officially released.

7.) Free access to the Brand Ambassador community page.

8.) Every item supports a different Earth charity the customer gets to choose.

9.) Ambassador link tracking and Sourcing Page to identify where the traffic is coming from.

Frequently asked questions

How do I move my commission up to 15% or 20%?

There are 3 tiers. First tier is the default commission (10%). To move up to 15% (second tier), there must be 15 conversions (orders) from you link/promo code. To move up from 15% to 20%, 25 or more conversions must be made. The time frame to complete this is 1 full month. The first day of every month, it resets back to 10%.

Can customers use both my link and the code at the same time?

Yes! In fact, we suggest this. This way, you revieve feedback statistics from you link and the customer gets a happy discount from your promo code.

Does the dashboard cost money?

Nope! It is complete free after you gain approval access to it.

How do I earn $5 bonus for having someone signup to become an Ambassador?

All they need to do is complete the application process (including the order). When they order, they must input your name in the Shipping Instruction section at checkout page (image example provded). From there, you'll recieve $5 into your preferred payment method within 1-2 days. Best thing about it, there is no limit to your referrals!

Can I earn commission from using my 30% discount code?

We do not allow this. Commissions are earned only from the 20% discount code.

What if I don't make my purchase as an Ambassador?

You'll still keep your dashboard and the tools it offers. However your 30% discount code will turn into a 10% discount code. Also, the 10% discount code made for your friends and followers will not have the ability to grow to a 20% discount code. If no order is made in 6 months, your Ambassador dashboard will be deleted. The rule is made to be fair with those who did make the purchase.

How can I promote your brand for people to use my promo code or link?

You can save/screen shot any piece of media from our content. Rather it is from our website, Instagram or Facebook page, you are welcome to share it to your viewers. We also have an Assets Page on your dashbaord. There, you will see all the media you can use to promote and share your Ambassador link & Code.

How do I use the Sources page?

To learn how to use the Sources page, click here.

Can my referral link lead to a specific product page?

Yes! All you need to do is place the referral code part (?ref=johndoe) of your referral link and place it at the end of any link of the product page. You can find your referral link from you dashboard, on the "Assets" page. For example: Note: Every Ambassador has a different end referral code part, but is in the same format. Tip: Test out your referral link by clicking on it. After you click on it, the number or clicks should appear on your dashboard.

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