This page allows you to review the benefits, policy and shares ideas on how to grow your earnings.

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1. Earn 10% commission for each person who makes an order:

This is the default commission you receive for every order that has been paid by the customer.

2. 15% commission reward for each order (occurs only for high order performances):

When a total of 15 or more purchases are made by the customers with your coupon code, you will automatically be moved up to, "High Tier" and will receive 15% commission for each order. This resets every month on the 28th day. Heres an example - if you sold your 15th purchase on the 7th of the current month, then from there on, your commission will jump from 10% to 15% with each order for the remaining days until the 28th. After the 28th, the commission resets back to 10%.

3. Earn $5 for every referral:

When you invite others to become an ambassador, $5 will be added to your account! This occurs after they make their 50% discount purchase. When shopping, the person must type your name in the, Comment Box, at the checkout page for you to receive the $5 bonus. There is no limit to the amount you can earn with this benefit.

4. Fast, easy and secure commission payments through Paypal & Venmo:

Make sure you you plug in your Paypal or Venmo email under the person icon in your dashboard. This will allow you to get paid. A minimum of $2 commission must be earned in order to receive the commission through Paypal or Venmo. If you don't have a Paypal account, click here to sign up for free! Or Click here to create a free Venmo account.

5. 25% off coupon code for your friends and family:

You are given a coupon code to share to your friends/followers. In order to earn commission they must make a purchase through your coupon code Coupon code must be applied at the checkout page. 

6. Track every sale through your own own dashboard:

In you dashboard, you will be able to see all orders and payments made at a particular date.

7. Lifetime 50% off activewear for Brand Ambassadors only:

As long as you're a member, you will receive 50% off all of our products. This even includes new releases!


8. Create your own discount codes:

You'll have your custom 25% off code for your followers and a 50% off discount for yourself.


9. Earn more by lowering your discount:

You have the option to lower your discount percentage in order to earn more out of your commission. For example, instead of giving someone 25% off, you can give them 10% off. Thus, you'll earn more fro your 10% commission since the order total was discounted less. If this is something you'd like to do just send us an email that you'd like to do so, and we'll get it done.


10. Ambassadors & Athletes can see the new products in the making:

Ambassadors and Athletes can see the prototype sketches before they are released to the public and can even share their votes on what they like and/or dislike.


11. At times exercise videos and fitness blogs will be offered to be made for your social media audience:

We will send invites through email with guidelines to follow. Doing this also adds $10-$20 to your PayPal or Venmo.


12. Environmental Support:

Every item supports an environmental charity shown in the product description. Customers will also has the option to change the environmental charity it supports to a choice of their own, which will provided under the sizing options on the product page. We ship eco-friendly as well.


Once Worldstrong Athletics reaches the goal of 50,000 total orders, 5 of the top Brand Ambassadors will be rewarded a vacation, along with being part of the photoshoot announcement of the new charity that will be supported. One person can be brought along the trip for each Ambassador/ Athlete.

To receive the following benefits of a Brand Ambassador, you are be required to:

Post on your Instagram page or story tagging us with our product.



The more you know about the products and the mission of our company, the more confident you'll be in talking to your potential customers. Luckily, you'll have plenty to talk about due to the fact that our companies mission is different from most. Worldstrong Athletics offers activewear built with high-tech performance fabric, such as anti-shrink, sweat-wicking, anti-odor and much more. Every item supports an environmental charity of the customer chooses, helping clean our planet for a better future to live forward to. You can learn more at our ABOUT page by clicking here. Feel free to navigate around our website pages and products to learn as much as you'd like!


Be as creative as you'd like when attempting to share our products to your potential customers. Here are some ideas:

  1. Post-gym workout selfie, wearing the product, describing how much the gear benefited your workout. Rather it was comfortable, breathable, stretchable etc.

  2. Post video performing a workout, sport trick, nature view (and/or more) with the gear on.

  3. Make up a virtual game, where winner receives a 25% discount discount as a reward. For example - First one to comment the right answer of what muscles this exercise hits receives a 25% discount!

  4. Have a friend wear the gear with you, as a bigger influence.

  5. Create a workout event/meet up for everyone to receive a discount afterwards. This can be a fitness class, running, walking a trail etc.

  6. Collaborate with other Instagram pages or even local companies.

  7. Share it on YouTube, Pinterest etc.

  8. Create a fitness facebook page to your likings and share the products from time to time.

  9. Take advantage of the exercise videos we make for you and the fitness blogs! You can share this with your audience, allowing trust to grow, increasing the chances of an order being made under your discount code. At the end of every fitness blog, we'll include your discount code.

As you can see, your ideas can be endless! We are excited to see you get started. We're happy to have you as part of the team and we'll always be here to help you out.

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