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About Worldstrong

Running in Sand

Worldstrong Athletics is an activewear brand focused towards making a positive difference for the planet and in those who wear the gear. With premium high performance fabric, every order gives back to an environmental charity the customer selects. Only Worldstrong products are eco-packaged and comes with a free microfiber filter wash-bag to give your clothes more wear life and to protect our oceans. Worldstrong is built with a purpose to further unlock the best in you and the planet.


On top of the milestones achieved below, Worldstrong is creating a second platform by the name of PRO////WRLD FIT (Protect World). This will be an app training platform that will be integrable to the Fitbit and Apple watch. With PRO////WRLD FIT, the more physically active you are, the more you'll be able to seamlessly support Earth! Overall, through innovation, a better you and better planet at the same time. Thanks to the team of our Ambassadors, we're able to reach this difference-making point and we hope to have you be part of it!